Star Wars Satellite: Movie: Ice Station Zebra

Movie: Ice Station Zebra

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Book: The Fallacy of Star Wars - Vintage Books

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Star Wars Satellite Popular Q&A

Q: Is the Death Star in Star Wars based off Saturn's satellite, Mima...
A: No. The first Star Wars movie was made in the 70s, and the first Voyager probe reached Saturn a few years later. When people SAW photographs of Mimas, nearly ev... Read More »

Q: Can my Toshiba Satellite run Star Wars the old republic?
A: Low at best with Intel graphics, but possibly not at all. Read More »

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A: 1. Navigate to the website of a satellite tracking service, for example, N2yo, Openstats, or Switchbanks. 2. Type in the name of the satellite, in this case "Ec... Read More »

Q: Why satellites are lighter than stars?
A: Man made satellites can be brighter than background stars, since they are fairly close to earth. Although relatively small and in space, the lowest orbiting sat... Read More »

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