Scaramanga: Seven Eyes Seven Horns

Seven Eyes Seven Horns

The Man With the Golden Gun


The Strange Story of Falconer Thring

Scaramanga - Through the Dark Portal - Common [Toy]

Leaving Fundamentalism

Einstein Rosen Bridge

James Bond 007: GoldenEye - Nintendo Wii

The Man With The Golden Gun

Scaramanga (Original Version)

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Scaramanga Popular Q&A

Q: Who played the Bond villain Scaramanga?
A: Sir Christopher Lee played the Bond villain Scaramanga in the film The Man With The Golden Gun. Read More »

Q: What does scaramanga mean?
A: According to the Urban Dictionary, 'scaramanga' is a Northern slang word used to describe a man with an impotence problem; it is derogatory. report this answer.... Read More »

Q: Who is Francisco Scaramanga ?
A: Scaramanga is the Bond villain from ''The Man with the Golden Gun'' and the title character... Read More »

Q: Which bond movie had Scaramanga?
A: Francisco Scaramanga is the antagonist in the James Bond move "The Man with the Read More »

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